Welcome to the web-site! The content is entirely written by me, and doesn’t employ the device of writing about Alan Fairs in the third person.

My career began as an oratorio soloist.  I’ve sung for well over a hundred choirs and choral societies from Truro to Aberdeen, and been heard in concerts in Europe.  In recent years I’ve enjoyed growing success in the world of opera, and I’ve performed principal roles for a very large number of opera companies and operatic festivals in the UK and overseas.

My voice is bass-baritone, which is a matter of timbre rather than of range. I’m fortunate in having a wide vocal range, which covers bass and baritone, rather than being ‘between’ bass and baritone. For this reason, I’ve successfully performed both Sarastro and Germont Pere, while I’m soon to sing the title role in Falstaff for a company which has engaged me as Osmin in previous years, which I would claim is ’unusual’.  For the more baritone repertoire, I’d say that my timbre is on the ‘dark’ side.  Perhaps listening to the sample recordings will clarify all of this.  For oratorio,  I can be relied upon for a large repertoire, which includes Mendelssohn’s ‘Elijah’ alongside the requirements for a bass in the solo quartet for Verdi’s ‘Requiem‘.

Apart from the extract from a recent live performance of Verdi’s Requiem, recorded in a very pleasant natural hall-acoustic,  the samples here were achieved  with our own private equipment, accompanied on the piano.  The recordings are ‘dry’, unenhanced  by any electronic means, and don’t flatter to deceive!

I hope to be singing for you soon!

Alan Fairs.